Last(ing) impressions

Sunday, 4 October 2015, was the day we said our farewells to an old neighbourhood at Blocks 74 to 80 Commonwealth Drive, which will soon be demolished. The farewell to neighbourhood built at a time of great need during [Read entire story]

Parting glances: Blocks 74 to 80 Commonwealth Drive

Change has become an inevitable aspect of life in Singapore. Places we cherish go in a flash and are quickly replaced by unfamiliar. For some, the passing of a neighbourhood in which they may have spent most of their [Read entire story]

The final act

Except perhaps for the haze and the heavy downpour, the scene at the Chee Chung Temple at MacPherson Road last evening would have been one typical of any of the temple’s festival evenings with a stage erected to [Read entire story]

Behind the stage door

The stage door or hu du men (虎度门) of a Chinese opera stage is what divides the real from the imaginary. It is the line across which the actor leaves his or her real self and becomes the stage character the audience sees. [Read entire story]

How to take good scientific specimen photos

I am greatly inspired by Dr Tan Heok Hui's talk about taking scientific specimen photos yesterday. The principles seem easy, but a lot of hard work, talent and an artistic eye are involved in taking useful and beautiful [Read entire story]

Where to see a foreign film in Singapore

In Singapore’s steamy weather a couple of hours of icy cool air-con at a movie theatre can be a welcome treat. The malls of Orchard Road are teeming with multiplexes showing the latest Hollywood blockbusters, but if [Read entire story]

Changing moods of a changing face

Marina Bay is where the most dramatic of changes that the city of Singapore has seen over the last 30 years has probably taken place. It is now a showcase of the new Singapore – one that reflects how the mood of a [Read entire story]

Best Dressed: 2012 Cannes Film Festival

12 days. Hundreds of red carpet looks. Celebrities were all geared up in their best picks for the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. Roberto Cavalli dressed most of the gorgeous ladies at the festival this year. Diane Kruger [Read entire story]

My weekend

High-profile criminal lawyer Subhas Anandan, 64, whose cases include a current much-talked-about one: He is representing 10 clients charged with having paid sex with an underage girl. [Read entire story]