Dating Advice Not To Take – Vanessa Tai

After I made very public announcements about my single and ready to mingle status, people around me have been passing me dating advice. They range from the well-meaning to the well, downright ridiculous – “Maybe you [Read entire story]

Teochew Porridge (Macpherson Road): No Sweet and Sour Pork here!

I was just searching for a good Teochew Muay place to eat at and it just dawned on me that I hardly know of any good Air-Conditioned places to eat Teochew Muay ever since my friend SCS Butter decided to close Teochew [Read entire story]


Alerting all Loub-oholics! The good folks at Christian Louboutin have just launched their very first App making their lust-worthy brand of shoes even more accessible. Browse through seasonal collections then get into the [Read entire story]

Cosmo Weekend Guide (25 – 27 May)

25th May (Friday) Eat: Healthy Gourmet Food For a calorie-counter’s answer to fine dining, visit The Garden restaurant with its healthy spread of creations by sous chef, Keith Choong. Try the Ocean Trout Confit ($20) [Read entire story]

La Pizzaiola: Affordable Pizza for the whole Family!

Parma and Rucola pizza 12 inch $16.90 Have you ever adopted a restaurant before?  You know, that's when you are so happy with everything at a particular restaurant that you tell yourself "Ahh!! From today onwards I am [Read entire story]

Do We Secretly Hate Women Who Love Themselves? – Deborah Tan

For a couple of months now, I have been “sort of” following the responses that have come out of Samantha Brick’s infamous piece about why women hate her for being beautiful. Last weekend, as I was [Read entire story]

VITAGEN: Prebiotics and Probiotics!

Advertorial The WHO defines Probiotics as "Live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host".  Unless you have been living on a mountain and hiding under a shell [Read entire story]

Qiu Rong Ban Mian: Honest to Goodness Handmade Noodles

Ban Mian $3 One of our readers wrote in recently asking me why I haven't blogged about Mee Hoon Kueh?  Well, I'll have to admit that Mee Hoon Kueh is not one of my favourite foods.  In fact, it is probably at the bottom [Read entire story]

Ozaki Wagyu Farm: The Quest to produce the World’s Best Beef!

Tajima-gyu at the Ozaki Ranch Do you remember the first time you tasted Wagyu Beef?  I certainly did and I am sure most of you would too because Wagyu is just one of those paradigm shattering experiences that you are [Read entire story]