Otters at Berlayar Creek!

Yesterday, while walking along the boardwalk at Berlayar Creek, I saw otters swimming and playing in the creek!The tide was low and the otters swam quite far upstream before turning back. I caught a glimpse of one of [Read entire story]

How to take good scientific specimen photos

I am greatly inspired by Dr Tan Heok Hui's talk about taking scientific specimen photos yesterday. The principles seem easy, but a lot of hard work, talent and an artistic eye are involved in taking useful and beautiful [Read entire story]

Sorting out Singapore’s sea cucumbers

Befuddled by our sea cucumbers? Here's a handy poster to help sort some of them out! Just follow the simple 'Yes/No' questions. Thanks to Teo Siyang of the Southeast Asian Biodiversity Society who put together this [Read entire story]

2 Jun (Sat): FREE Pasir Ris Mangrove boardwalk tour with the Naked Hermit Crabs

Specially for kids and the family! Come explore the Pasir Ris mangrove boardwalk this weekend with the Naked Hermit Crabs! There's lots to see: cute crabs, naughty mudskippers, huge herons and slithery snakes! Liam [Read entire story]

Fabulous Marine Exhibition at the Festival of Biodiversity

The Marine Exhibition was a great success! Thanks to the awesome panels put together by Sabrina of NParks, and the many interesting booths manned by volunteers of various marine groups. Here's a glimpse of some of [Read entire story]

Volunteers at the Festival of Biodiversity

Volunteers make it happen! Their passionate contributions brought the Marine Exhibition to life! And made the many educational booths possible. But most importantly, their infectious enthusiasm made it fun for [Read entire story]

Bringing a glimpse of Cyrene to the Festival of Biodiversity

We're back out on the shores to gather specimens for a very special Marine Exhibition at the Festival of Biodiversity this weekend. As Ley Kun is setting up the tank, passers-by are already curious about what is going [Read entire story]

Prepping for the Festival: Chek Jawa

A small team heads out to Chek Jawa early this morning to prepare for a very special Marine Exhibition at the Festival of Biodiversity this weekend. We arrived on Pulau Ubin at the first light of dawn! When we [Read entire story]

Meet the marine volunteers of Singapore!

Always wanted to make a difference for Singapore's marine biodiversity? But not sure what is being done, and who are involved? Meet the passionate volunteers who clean up, dive, document, explore, guide, monitor, train [Read entire story]