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Talks Between Indonesia And Singapore

correspondent Christos Gabrielides. Indonesian media reports suggest that Alwi Shihab, Indonesia's Minister for Foreign Affairs, intends to hold discussions in Laos with Prof S. Jayakumar, Singapore's Minister for Law [Read entire story]

SPC Acquires Stake In Tiger Oil Corp

correspondent Christos Gabrielides. Singapore Petroleum Venture Private Limited, a subsidiary of Singapore Petroleum Company Limited (SPC), has purchased a 40.2% interest in Tiger Oil Corporation (TOC), for approximately [Read entire story]

Singapore Widens Beef Import Ban Over BSE Fears

correspondent Christos Gabrielides. Singapore has widened the list of countries currently banned from exporting beef to Singapore over BSE fears, Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, commonly known as 'mad cow disease'. [Read entire story]

South Africans Take Top Two Spots In Singapore Marathon

correspondent Christos Gabrielides. The 10th Singapore International Marathon took place on... [Read entire story]

FTA Talks Between Singapore and The United States

correspondent Christos Gabrielides. Although the presidential election in the United States has not yet delivered a president, it is understood that planned discussions over a free trade agreement (FTA) between Singapore [Read entire story]

Airline Invests In Revenue Management System

correspondent Christos Gabrielides. It has been reported that Singapore Airlines is set to invest over S$20 million in PROS state-of-the-art technology, designed to better manage the allocation of airline seats. KRISMAX [Read entire story]

Singapore Trade Minister In Bangalore

correspondent Christos Gabrielides. Singapore Minister for Trade and Industry Brigadier-General George Yeo, recently attended the ground-breaking ceremony of phase II of the International Tech Park Ltd (ITPL),... [Read entire story]

Deputy Prime Minister Visits Thailand

correspondent Christos Gabrielides. Singapore's Deputy Prime Minister, Brigadier-General Lee Hsien Loong, travels today to... [Read entire story]